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Jiuh Shiuh Precision Industry Co., Ltd., formerly named Yung Da Enterprise Co., Ltd, was founded in 1988. The company was reorganized in 1992 and established a branch office in Mainland in 1993. In the same year, it also built an electric component factory, named Yung Wha, in the city of Dongquan, Guang Dong Province.

Under the leadership of the General Manger, we have established a firm foundation and good reputation in Taiwan, and try our best to establish a good relationship with Mainland China and also try to transfer our new concepts and modern technology to them and the whole world as well.

We not only emphasize the importance of business management and the importance of teamwork, but also try to promote both the importance of human resources and research in order to increase the growth of industrial business in the long run. Therefore, we intend to upgrade our technology and the quality of our products.

The company is established a terminal-hardware-plastic engineering department. In order to strengthen the computer software in the art of engineering drawing in the field of molding industry, we have already imported and advanced model of Fully Automatic Injection Molding Machine. We plan to use the molding department as a production line to shorten the developing time to provide excellent service, high quality, and low price products to the customers. We also hope that all our clients will establish their business opportunities with other parties easily and conveniently.

The company was issued a certificate (ISO 9002) by TUV product service GMBH, in March 1998, for the warranty of good quality control. But we are not satisfied. We worked so hard to renovate our equipment. For example, we imported the most advance High Speed Precision Press Machine in order to upgrade the automatic production system which improves the process of production line and also reduces the errors made by workers. We hope that we will do our best to maintain a good quality of our products and remain a good relationship with our clients in all respects.

The company remains a total amount of sales of about NT$27,500,000 every month, the annual growth is about 30%.

Our customers spread all over the world, and some of them are worldly known. Many of them are interested in doing business with us, and all of them are satisfied with our excellent service. Fortunately, we are often appointed to be their business partners. In order to communicate with our customers, we have already established an information department using Internet as one of the sources to serve customers. You can also obtain information about new products from the Internet system. All the suggestions and instructions are welcomed. Thank you!

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